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 28. júní 2012


 Iceland Summary June 2012


 21. júní 2012

   Iceland's Prepayments on IMF and Nordic Government Loans are Credit Positive    

 4. maí 2012

Fitch rates Iceland's USD 1bn Eurobond Due 2022 BBB-


 22. mar 2012


Moody's Issuer Comment: Iceland - Early part-repayment of IMF and Nordic loans is positive


 17. jan 2012

 Fitch Ratings: Iceland - Full Rating Report


17. jan 2012

 Iceland's Easing of Exchange
Controls Supports Rating







 23. feb 2011


 Moody's - Iceland: Outcome of Referendum on Icesave Likely to Impact Sovereign Ratings 


 11. apríl 2011

Fitch - Comments on Iceland Referendum Rejection


 13. apríl 2011


 S&P - Rating on The Republic of Iceland Placed on Watch Negative after the Electorate Rejects Icesave Agreement a Second Time


 20. apríl 2011


Moody's - Announcement: Moody's Affirms Iceland's Baa3/P-3 Ratings and Maintains Negative Outlook  


 21. apríl 2011


 Moody's - Special Comment -Iceland: Rejection of Icesave Agreement has No Immediate Rating Impact


 16. maí 2011

 Fitch - Affirms Iceland; Revises Outlook to Stable from Negative


17. maí 2011 


 S&P - Republic of Iceland FC Ratings Affirmed on Nordic Support; LC Ratings Lowered to 'BBB-/A-3' Outlook Negative


 19. júlí 2011


 Moody's - Credit Analysis -Iceland


 11. nóv


 R&I Affirms BB+, Changes Outlook to Stable: Republic of Iceland

 17.nóv. 2011


 Moody's 15 November 2011: Iceland: 2012 Budget Plan Is Positive, But Full Implementation of Targets Will Be Crucial

Moody's16 November 2011: Credit Opinion: Iceland, Government of


 23. nóv. 2011


 S&P - Research Update: Outlook on Iceland Revised to Stable from Negative on Return to Growth; 'BBB-/A-3' Ratings Affirmed








 5. jan 2010

Fitch - Downgrades Iceland to 'BB+'/'BBB+': Outlook Negative   


 S&P - Global Credit Portal : Republic of Iceland Foreign and Local Currency Ratings Placed on Credit Watch Negative Following Icesave Veto 


 6. jan 2010


 Moody's - Announcement: Iceland's Exit from Crisis Complicated by President's Refusal to Sign Icesave Agreement


8. jan 2010 


R&I - News Release: Republic of Iceland on Rating Monitor w/Downgrading

 29. jan 2010


S&P - Global Credit Portal: Republic of Iceland Ratings Kept On Credit Watch Negative On Continuing Uncertainty about International Financing


 8. mars 2010



S&P - Icelander's Referendum Rejection of Plan to Repay Icesave Debt has no Immediate Impact on Iceland Sovereign Rating 


 30. mars 2010



S&P - Global Credit Portal: Republic of Iceland FC Ratings Affirmed On Near-Term Stability; LC Ratings Lowered to 'BBB/A-3'; Outlook Negative 


 31. mars 2010



 S&P - Global Credit Portal: Iceland (Republic of)


 6. apríl 2010


 Moody's - Rating Action: Iceland's Ratings Outlook Changed to Negative from Stable


 23. apríl 2010


 Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's Changes Outlook on Iceland's Ratings bank to Stable



 27. apríl 2010


Moody's - Credit Analysis - Iceland



 29. júlí 2010


 Moody's - Cas Changed to Negative from Stable the Rating Outlook for Iceland's Baa3 Local and Foreign Currency Government Bond Ratings



 20. sept 2010


 Moody's - Issuer Comment: Iceland's recent Supreme Court Decision on Foreign-Exchange-Linked Bank Loans reduces Uncertainty but no Rating Impact



11. nóv. 2010 




 R&I - News Release: R&I downgrades to BB+, Negative: Republic of Iceland







 23. jan. 2009


 Moody's - Credit Analysis: Iceland



21. ágú. 2009 


Moody's - Special Comment: Iceland's Amendment to Icesave Agreement Supports Fiscal Sustainability 



3. sept. 2009

Fitch -  Credit Analysis: Iceland




 22. sept. 2009


 Moody's - Special Comment: Iceland Fragile Stabilisation but Far from Recovery



 11. nóv. 2009


Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's Downgrades Iceland too Baa3 from Baa1; Stable Outlook 



 16. nóv. 2009


Moody's - Credit Option: Iceland 



23. des. 2009

Fitch - Affirms Iceland at 'BBB-'/'A-'; Off RWN; Outlook Negative




31. des. 2009



S&P - Global Credit Portal: Republic of Iceland
Outlook Revised to Stable from Negative on Icesave Bill; Rating Affirmed








 28. jan. 2008


 Moody's - Special Comment: Iceland's Aaa Ratings at a Crossroads



 5. mars 2008


Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's Assigns Negative Outlook to Iceland's Rating 



1. apríl 2008

Fitch - Changes Iceland's Outlook to Negative


S&P - Republic of Iceland, HFF, and Landsvirkjun L-T Ratings Placed on Credit Watch Negative


 9. apríl 2008


Moody's - Credit Analysis: Iceland 



 17. apríl 2008



S&P - Iceland Sovereign Ratings Lowered on External Funding Risks; Outlook Negative 


 8. maí 2008



 S&P - Ratings Direct: Iceland (Republic of)


 20. maí 2008


Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's Downgrades Iceland's Ratings to Aa1 



 21. maí 2008


 Moody's - Credit Opinion: Iceland



22. maí 2008

Fitch - Iceland Special Report: Iceland and the Banks: Questions and Answers




 17. sept. 2008


 Moody's - Credit Opinion: Iceland



 29. sept. 2008



 S&P - Republic of Iceland Cut to FC 'A-/A-2', LC 'A+/A-1' on Support for Glitnir Bank; on Watch Negative


30. sept. 2008

Fitch - Downgrades Iceland to 'A-'/'AA'; on Rating Watch Negative

Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's Places Iceland's Ratings on Review fro Downgrade



6. okt. 2008

Fitch - International Credit Update: Republic of Iceland


S&P - Ratings Direct: Republic of Iceland Ratings Lowered and Removed from Credit Watch Negative


 7. okt. 2008




 R&I - News Release: R&I Downgrades to (A+): Republic of Iceland

8. okt. 2008

Fitch - Downgrades Iceland to 'BBB-'; Remains on Rating Watch Negative

Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's Downgrades Iceland's Ratings to A1 from Aa1; Review continues



 9. okt. 2008




R&I - News Release: R&I Downgrades to (BBB-): Republic of Iceland 

 15. okt. 2008


 Moody's - Credit Opinion: Iceland



 24. nóv. 2008



S&P - Ratings Direct: Iceland Foreign Currency Rating Lowered to 'BBB-' on Mounting Debt Burden; Outlook Negative 


 4. des. 2008


Moody's - Rating Action: Iceland, Government of - Moody's Downgrades Iceland's Ratings to Baa1; Negative Outlook 



11. des. 2008 

Fitch - International Special Report: Iceland: A Difficult Road Ahead 










 15. mars 2007

Fitch - Downgrades Iceland to 'A+'/'AA+'; Outlook Stable 




 6. júní 2007




R&I - News Release: R&I Assigns AA+, Outlook Stable; Republic of Iceland 

 21. ágú. 2007

Moody's - Credit Opinion: Iceland, Government of 



 20. nóv. 2007



S&P - Outlook on Landsvirkjun's Unsecured Debt Revised to Negative in Line with Sovereign 








 21. feb. 2006

Fitch - Revises Iceland's Outlook to Negative on Widening Macro Imbalances 




 16. mars 2006



S&P - Republic of Iceland 'AA-/A-1+' FC Ratings Affirmed on Healthy Public Finances; Outlook Stable 


 4.apríl 2006


Moody's - Special Comment: Iceland's Solvency and Liquidity are Not at Risk 



 5. júní 2006



S&P - Republic of Iceland Outlook Revised to Negative on Hard Landing Risk; Ratings Affirmed 


 31. okt. 2006



S&P - Rating Direct: Iceland (Republic of) 


 14. nóv. 2006

Fitch - International Credit Analysis: Republic of Iceland 




 20. nóv. 2006


Moody's - Rating Action: Iceland, Government of - Moody's Assigns Aaa Rating to Iceland's New Global Bond



 21. nóv. 2006



S&P - Republic of Iceland's Debut 1. Bil. Euro Benchmark Bond Due 2011 Assigned 'AA-' Rating 


 14. des. 2006


Moody's - Credit Opinion: Iceland 



 22. des. 2006



 S&P - Republic of Iceland cut to FC 'A+/A-1', LC 'AA/A-1+' on Unbalaced Policy Mix; Outlook Stable








 10. feb


S&P - Research Update: Republic of Iceland LT FC Rating Raised to 'AA-'
On Better Financial Stability; Outlook Stable




 Moody's - Analysis: Iceland


 3. ágúst

 Fitch - Affirms Iceland at 'AA-'/'AAA';
Outlook Stable




 31. okt


 S&P - Credit Research Report: Iceland (Republic of)








8. júní


Moody's - Analysis: Iceland


 14. júní


 S&P Research - Iceland's Housing Financing Fund Assigned
'A+' Foreign and 'AA+' Local Currency Ratings








28. mars

 Fitch - Special Report - Sovereign Data Comparator March 2003


 31. mars

Fitch - Iceland's Sovereign Ratings Affirmed: Outlook now stable


 5. júní


 Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's reports: Iceland's Aaa Ratings and Stable
Outlook Based on Economic Resiliency and Sound Public Finances


 19. júní


 S&P Research - Republic of Iceland 'A+/A-1+' Foreign
Currency Ratings Affirmed; Outlook Stable


 16. des


 S&P Research - Foreign Currency Outlook on Iceland Revised
to Positive; 'A+/A-1+' Ratings Affirmed


 17. des


 S&P Research - Iceland Electric Co. Landsvirkjun Foreign Currency Outlook
Revised to Positive; Rtgs Affirmed








15. feb

Fitch - Iceland's Sovereign Ratings Affirmed;
Outlook Revised to Negative


 16. apríl


 Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's Reports: Narrowing of Macro Imbalances
Helps Sustain Stable Outlook on Iceland's Aa3 Foreign Currency Country Ceilings


 3. maí


 S&P Research - Republic of Iceland Ratings Affirmed;
Outlook Remains Negative


 21. okt


 Moody's - Rating Action: Moody's Upgrades Foreign Currency Ratings of
Australia, New Zealand and Iceland to Aaa


 15. nóv


S&P Research - Outlook on Republic of Iceland Revised to
Stable; 'A+/A-1+' Ratings Affirmed


 20. nóv


 S&P Research - Icelandic Electric Company Landsvirkjun
Outlook Revised to Stable in Line With Sovereign








7. feb


 Moody's - Rating Action: Iceland's Ratings Outlook Remains Stable
in Face of Growing External Debt Burden


 21. mars


 S&P Research - Outlook on Iceland's FC Issuer Rating
Revised to Stable From Pos; 'A+' FC Rating Affirmed


 22. okt


 S&P Research - Outlook on Republic of Iceland Revised to
Negative; Ratings Affirmed


 23. okt


 S&P Research - Landsvirkjun FC Outlook Revised to
Negative After Iceland Revision; Ratings Affirmed


 15. nóv


 S&P Research - Iceland's $1 Billion Commercial Paper
Program Rated 'A-1+'; Other Ratings Affirmed


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