The Central Bank of Iceland publishes a wide range of material, primarily for the purpose of providing information on inflation and monetary affairs, the position of financial institutions, and other topics for the benefit of interested parties in Iceland and abroad.

The Annual Report covers the main elements of monetary and economic developments, explains in detail the various activities of the Bank and includes the annual accounts of the Bank along with detailed explanatory notes.

The Bank’s Monetary Bulletin is now published four times a year, in January, May, August, and November.  In May and November, Monetary Bulletin contains an inflation and macroeconomic forecast, together with an in-depth analysis of economic and monetary developments and prospects. The January and August issues include updated inflation and macroeconomic forecasts and an abbreviated report on economic and monetary developments and outlook.

The Bank’s annual Financial Stability report presents an overview of the position of the financial system, its strengths and potential weaknesses, and the macroeconomic and operational risks it may face.  In addition, Financial Stability explains how the Central Bank carries out the tasks necessary for the operation of an effective and sound financial system. The report also includes articles on various aspects of financial stability.   

Another annual publication, Economy of Iceland, intended primarily for foreign corporations and institutions, provides background information on Icelandic economy and society.

The individual authors’ papers previously included in each issue of Monetary Bulletin will appear henceforth in a separate web-based publication entitled Economic Affairs. Articles published in Economic Affairs will be compiled in a printed anthology at the end of each calendar year.  

Each month, the Central Bank of Iceland publishes a collection of indicators and an overview of economic affairs in Economic Indicators, which is primarily intended as a web-based publication but can be obtained in printed form upon request.

The Central Bank also issues research papers in English under the title Central Bank of Iceland Working Papers.

From 1964 to 2007, the Bank also published the Icelandic-language journal Fjįrmįlatķšindi, which included various academic articles on economic and monetary issues.

The Central Bank has produced several editions of Iceland, a comprehensive handbook on Icelandic society which last appeared in 1996. The first edition was published in 1936 by Landsbanki Ķslands. The Central Bank also produces irregular reports and publications relating to its activities as the occasion demands.

Most of these publications can be found in electronic form on the Bank’s website. The pertinent links are in the column to the left.

InflationMore »

Consumer prices, 12-month changes. Last value: 2.1%
Inflation target 2.5%

CBI's interest ratesMore »
CBI's interest rates
Overnight 3.50%
Loans against collateral 2.50%
Current account 1.50%
Exchange rateMore »
Currency 7.4.2020 Ch. *
USD 142.69 -0.83%
GBP 175.78 -0.71%
CAD 101.8 -0.07%
DKK 20.8 -0.11%
NOK 13.97 1.90%
SEK 14.25 0.76%
CHF 146.68 -0.31%
JPY 1.31 -0.68%
EUR 155.3 -0.13%
* Changes from last entry
Exch. Rate IndicesMore »
Exchange Rate Indices 4/7/2020 Ch. *
Narrow trade index** 203.14 -0.13%
* Changes from last entry
** The index has been recalculated so that, on January 2, 2009, it was assigned a value equivalent to that of the now-discontinued Exchange Rate Index.
Other interest ratesMore »
Penalty rates from 1.4.2020 9.50%
O/N 1.300% 1.550%
S/W 1.500% 1.750%
1 M 1.663% 2.038%
3 M 1.925% 2.425%
1 Y 2.200% 2.700%

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