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This website is one platform for the Central Bank of Iceland's information, promotion and publication activities. It contains general information about the role and activities of the Central Bank of Iceland, and a range of other related information and data. Most of the Bank's publications are accessible on the website in either html or pdf format. A variety of economic statistics can also be found. The purpose behind this website publication is to present information about the Central Bank of Iceland and its activities to the widest possible readership in the most accessible form that modern technology offers. In this way the Bank strives to meet today's demands for transparency and openness and contributes to informed economic debate in Iceland.

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Owing to the nature of the material published on this website, the Central Bank of Iceland cannot take responsibility that the information presented here is complete or entirely accurate. Anyone wishing to use the information on these pages should compare it with the printed versions of officially published statistics, especially if it is to be used for business purposes. The Central Bank of Iceland cannot take responsibility for the consequences of any actions based on the material on its website.

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