The following are links to websites in similar fields of operation to those of Central Bank of Iceland or related to its activities in various ways:

Icelandic commercial banks, savings banks and financial services:
Arion banki
MP banki
Saga Investment Bank

Icelandic Financial Services Association - see members

The Depositors' and Investors' Guarantee Fund

The Icelandic Government Information Center regarding the current financial circumstances in Iceland (2008/2009): Icelandic Government Information Center

See also for information on Icelandic financial markets:

Icelandic institutions and ministries:
Parliament of Iceland (Althingi)
The Financial Supervisory Authority, Iceland

Government of Iceland
Statistics Iceland
Iceland Stock Exchange
National Economic Institute of Iceland

International agencies:
IMF/International Monetary Fund
World Bank
BIS/Bank for International Settlements
ECB/European Central Bank
EFTA/European Free Trade Association
EIB/European Investment Bank
EU/European Union
NIB/Nordic Investment Bank/Nordisk investeringsbank
OECD/Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
UN/United Nations Organisation

Nordic Central Banks:
Central Bank of Denmark/Danmarks Nationalbank
Central Bank of Finland/Finlands Bank/Suomen Pankki
Central Bank of Norway/Norges Bank
Central Bank of Sweden/Sveriges Riksbank

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