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The Icelandic Government Information Center regarding the current financial circumstances in Iceland (2008/2009):
Icelandic Government Information Center

Parties with queries concerning foreign currency purchases and transfers should address their questions to their commercial banks and savings banks. Information is also available from the following parties:

Financial Supervisory Authority
Information and advice can be obtained from the Financial Supervisory Authority, telephone +354-5252700 on Tuesdays from 10-12 GMT and Thursdays from 13-15 GMT. 

Central Bank of Iceland 
For further information, see:
Tel: +354 569 9600
The switchboard is open on business days from 9-16.

Depositors' and Investors' Guarantee Fund
The Depositors’ and Investors’ Guarantee Fund is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to provide owners of deposits in commercial banks and savings banks, as well as other parties, with a protection in case of financial difficulties. For further information, see:

Tel: +354 540 1200
The switchboard is open on business days from 9-16.

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